This Article will give you a brief idea about this blog, the reason to start this blog and how this blog differ from other blog. This blog will also act as a Finance Glossary for the readers. This blog will give you all the basics about finance in an interactive way. This blog will be suitable for everyone from low level to high level

My pleasure to welcome all the readers of this blog. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2014. This wishes will be the proof, that I have got a wonderful idea to start this blog on Christmas 2013. Usually I used to write many articles as a Guest Blogger in other sites and used to give comments on other blogs. I can say, I am handling multi-tasks like Blogging, Share market trading, FOREX trading, investing in Chits with a proper guide and working as an APM in a private firm. We should not do anything which we do not understand. I will not suggest a multi task to everyone as it may not suitable for all.

Reason which forced me to start this blog

As already I have mentioned above, no one should start doing anything without knowing the basics. I keep on surfing the internet for all sorts of things regarding my multi-task work (Finance). It started when I start reading the books from my college library. Yes, I worked as a lecturer for 1 year during the recession time during 2009. As a lecturer I got more time to read. I started reading more books on the topic how to make money work for itself. I came across many new things which I did not hear before. Now I can say that, I am doing well in finance managing. I need to say that I am not an expert, but can do better as a normal man without a financial planner. But still I am reading the articles by the successful guys from more blogs and magazines. I am feeling like overweight, by having more things in my head and no space to new inputs. So I have planned to put all in one place and make my memory free for some new inputs. Instead of writing in a paper or as a soft copy in my PC, it would be better to keep online, so that not only me, my next generations also can make use of it.

How it is planned to present this blog?

I have come across many blogs and magazines, among those very few only have given the information in an interactive format. It means not only providing the details about the topic, it should also make the readers to self-check themselves whether the article really will be useful for them. This can be done by asking small questions and make them to answer in the comment area and can have a good communication to clarify their doubts about the topic. By this way we can make the reader to concentrate on what they are reading. Many bloggers will have a sentence at the bottom of their article as"If you like this article please share via social media". According to me these sentences may not bring healthy discussions between the blogger and the reader. Normally anything should have a healthy discussion to come up with a best result.

At what frequency this blog will give new topics?

I have seen some blog, with what the time frequency the reader can come back to see the new updates in their blog. Many blogs will have the subscribe button (maximum at top right corner of the blog) and ask the readers to subscribe for their blog. That may not be the good practice, if the reader need to subscribe for all the blogs he likes, then their Inbox will over flow with many messages apart from their personal messages. If the reader likes our blog they will sure make bookmark to it and come back to look our updates. To make the reader aware of the time frequency, in which the blog will update, it is better way to put the days in the right side top instead of Subscribe button. It can be daily (Perfect Bloggers cannot update his blog daily with best content), twice in a week, twice in a month or monthly once. Please be note that all the readers will not have time to go through you blog completely if it is often getting updated. Blog with news content only can be updated daily. The informative or the education related blog should have some gap for the readers to come back and read the blog. Keeping all these points in mind, I have planned to update this blog weekly once (on Saturday) with high quality content.