This article has useful information about the ways to earn money in this modern world. It will not suggest you how to earn money. It will just tell you how others are earning money without a huge investment. As this blog is to make the fresh guys to know about the information which I missed while I enter this financial world. So the readers should not expect this blog as money making one.

After a 3 weeks long gap I was managed to finish this post. It is very important that this article should not lead any of my readers to wrong path. First, I started listing the available ways to make money. The list went to more than 3 pages of my notebook. Then I stopped listing, as I do not want to mix-up too many things. Then I started categorizing the listed ways. Finally I got below 3 important categories on the whole.

  • Earnings from Employment
  • Earnings from Part-Time jobs
  • Earnings from Business

  • Later I strike off the third one. I cannot say it as "Earnings from Business", as it should be "Profit / Loss from Business". Here we are seeing about the ways to earn money and not about a balance sheet. Let us have a look at the other 2 categories in deep.

    Earning from Employment

    The title itself self-explained, yes it is the money earned from employment. It is very common that 80 percent of human beings will search for a well paying job once they come out of their colleges. 10 percent of them will plan for their higher studies and then join those 80 percent. So, in total 90 percent of the students will be searching for the well paying job, once they completed their academic studies. This is also a reason why I have strike off the third category.

    About 2 to 3 decades back, everyone needs to search for the government jobs once they completed their academics. But in recent days, it has been changed from "searching for government jobs" to "searching for well paying private jobs". Still the government jobs are given the first priority. Why this type of situations is not changing? From the young age itself all the students are seeded with such thoughts by their parents. Unless the parents change their thoughts of being their kids to get placed in a well paying job, these type of situations will not change.

    All right, you are now into the employment which gives you monthly payment. What next? This world is surrounded with competition in all fields, so you need to know how to sustain in this competition world. On the other side of the coin, increase in the cost of living also threatening us. You cannot let yourself away from the competition happening around. How to participate in the competition? The only way to participate in the competition is to keep yourself up-to-date in the field which you are working. Always try to update yourself about the latest technologies available in the field, otherwise you will get lost in this competition world.

    The easiest way to compete the race is to Love your job. Why? It is a simple psychology. If you love something you will try to know everything about it. So do not try something which you cannot love, as it will be tough to compete. If you are too far to change the field, let it be, from now onwards try to love your job and become a successful employee. Thumps up.

    Earnings from Part-Time jobs

    This technological world is overflowing with number of part-time jobs. While I planned to list some of them, the list became unstoppable. I could have listed all those things in this blog, if I do so, the main theme of this blog will change. I always need to make me remember the niche of this blog. That may help my readers not to search for the other information apart from the knowledge on finance. Now I am back to topic. Keep on scrolling to find some example on part-time job, so that you can also think in your ways to find your part-time job. One main thing I need to insist is do not select your part-time job only for making lot of money, it may ruin your daily activities. The part-time job is something that should give you some real money and also relief from all the stress created in the days work. The selected job may pay you less, but it should not create mental stress with unnecessary commitments.

    How to select a Part-Time job

    You can select your part-time job only and if only you have at-least 4 free hours daily. You should have a proper time management before going for a part-time job. The selected part-time job should not affect your career. It would be better if the part-time job related to your regular job (It is not must). The selected part-time job should not eat your brain much. It depends on your regular job, if your job eats your brain much; select your part-time job that should not eat your brain. There are many jobs available online also. While selecting online jobs BEWARE of fraudulent. Before go for the online job, check if it is a genuine one.

    Some example for Part-Time Job

    For instance Mr. Suresh, who is working as a senior engineer in a private industry, may have interest to give lecture in his own field. So, he can approach the nearest college and can find the opportunity for the requirement in his field. In such way he can give guest lecture to the upcoming engineers. He can also select a specific subject for each financial year in a particular college, and make it as a part-time job which will fetch him a monthly part-time income.

    In the above example both the jobs need to have some home work to be done. For part-time lecturing job, subject planning is very important. If you are not ready to select such type jobs, then if you are interested in driving you can go for that. Many places, there are requirement for part-time drivers job, as they do not want to pay for the drivers for his ideal time.

    For the above two examples, we need to have a good communication circle in our locality. If you are frequently changing your locality, it is little tough to have good communication. In such condition, you can go for the Online Part-Time Job. For this type of job, we need to have one personal computer and good internet connection. You can earn through Affiliate Marketing; you can earn through guest Blogging; you can earn through trading online (not share trading or Forex) and many more. As I do not want to make constrain to your thinking, I am not listing the exact way to earn online. Go and Google yourself. You can find hell lot of website which may guide to do the online job.